Mad inSanity

Hi! My name is Akmal. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I feed on British humour and on Doctor Who and on magical things like Harry Potter and stuff. I sometimes post bits of my life and some cultural and religious stuff because thats who i am and i just can't help it. I am currently a 3rd year student, doing my degree in English Language and Literature. I love books. But i always say "I love books but I wish to marry a human being someday". I'm just basically a nerd who loves attending school XD

and my sanity ain't even mad.



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  1. drunkcherson:

    The fire is catching

  2. heyfunniest:

  3. iliveinnerdvana:

    M i d d l e   o f   n o w h e r e.

  5. How people act on the first day of high school .


    Freshmen trying to find there classes looking lost:

    10th & 11th graders walking into school:

    12th graders walk into school like:

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  7. kayleyhyde:

    oh my god

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  8. When you see someone wearing a fandom t-shirt

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  10. land-of-myths:

Bradley waving at us from the balcony.


    Bradley waving at us from the balcony.

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